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 Jerry, Maury, Steve, Sally; Real Talk Shows or STAGED?

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PostSubject: Jerry, Maury, Steve, Sally; Real Talk Shows or STAGED?   Fri Jul 31, 2009 10:12 am

Hey guys, here's something that has been brought to my attention:

Now, NBC-Universal has produced 4 Talk Shows

Jerry Springer, The NEW Maury Show (1998-present), The Steve Wilkos Show and Sally which lasted for 19 Seasons on syndication.

Now, there are some people are saying that their talk shows are real, but others are saying that their Talk Shows are STAGED.

Jerry Springer has been known for showing fights and controversial moments that are considered too hot for TV.

Maury Povich on the other hand has signed with Universal Television (now NBC-Universal) in 1998 after spending 7 years with Paramount (now CBS Paramount Television) and his Talk Show has been dealing with issues from Teen Paternity Test to Lie Detector Tests to Boot Camp to Jail to spilling Secrets to Makeovers to even Transexuals as well as having Motivational Speakers like Dee West and Miss Brenda and even Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists.

The Steve Wilkos Show has been known for having a Talk Show Host getting up and yelling in their faces and the show is co-produced by Jerry Springer.

Sally on the other hand has been known for helping people out, especially when it comes to issues from Men Controlling Women, Out of Control Teens, Couples who don't trust each other, Pregnancy Tests and even sharing stories and they even featured Aftercare Specialist Pat Ferrari, Psychiatrists and even Psychotherapists as well.

and so, I want to know:

are these Talk Shows Host for REAL or are they STAGED?

That's the Question!

You be the Judge.

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Concrete Jesus
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PostSubject: Re: Jerry, Maury, Steve, Sally; Real Talk Shows or STAGED?   Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:40 am

I think that some of Springer is staged and some of it is really encourage by producers and the ring bell they have on stage
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Jerry, Maury, Steve, Sally; Real Talk Shows or STAGED?
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