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 Responce to MF

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Slim Shady
Slim Shady

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Location : The Bronx
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PostSubject: Responce to MF   Tue May 05, 2009 2:46 pm

My responce to the rap

I sit back and start to rack shit up against this wack MC
Who's spitting shit and doesn't realize he's gotta quit
The most hottest MC on CGS will always be me
I'm taking out the most fakest G and I'll be the host at his
burial, when he's a ghost who better then Sol?
Nobody! They can't roll like me though
and you ho? you can't go any more low then you've already gone
I'm up at the break of dawn I'm a don to this rap shit
I'm gone throw you in a pit, lit the damn thing on fire
your rap has no desire, no spur of the moment
lines and you try to pass it off as a freestyle?
I'll be the first one to have a number one hit
and you'll be just another brit failing no wit
who can't spit, who don't fit in hip hop
So lets make up a little scenerio now here we go
you out trying to make a name for yourself
but before oneself can get some fame you gotta
make sure your name isn't seen as a fake
so one day you awake with a headache
thinken no one respects you and
this obviously affects you till
something connects in your head
You'll diss me and resist the attack
thinken I won't fight back until I right smack
you across the face lyrically this drawback
sets you back in your cultesack
back to your 9 to 5 and I'll be alive as hell
as I thrive on depriving you of my actual attention
the suspense is thrilling, My defence is chilling
I'm willing to go out killing and filling you full of holes
I said it before no one rolls like I rolls


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Ex-Mattitude Follower
Egotistical Maniac
Egotistical Maniac

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PostSubject: Re: Responce to MF   Tue May 05, 2009 4:14 pm

A person can get changed when they get into rapping
They wanna look like a gangsta so they gotta start acting
Thatís what happened to you SOL, and I ainít clapping
You donít impress me at all, your rhymes are lacking
And now Iím on some black magic shit, trying to smite
Shit I was right; my last rap started a fight
But this ainít no competitive classic, this a KO
Iíll set my dawgs on your ass, bitch you better lay low
ĎCuz theyíll be waiting outside, ready to smack you up
And youíll be hiding inside, not coming out too much
Thatís Ďcuz you a pussy and you canít back up the talk
You can't roll with real Gz, quit doing the Crip walk
On the mic, or in the streets, Iím taking the crown
Click clack POW! Another pussyole down
Thatís whatís awaiting you bitch, so I suggest that you run
ĎCuz Iím coming for you SOL, me and my gun
And when the cops finally find you, cold in a ditch
Iíll take the jail time happy, knowing I murdered this bitch
Iím cool doing life, Iíve had years of strife
Time in the cellís fine so long as youíve been knifed
I'm coming for your existance, intention to do harm
Yeah ring the alarm; Iím too insane to stay calm
When in my face is this cocky waste of semen
You don't fuck with me, I've had a past full of demons
I've got nothing to lose, nothing to prove
Raps are weak, career's bleek; you're gonna lose
So now you stood there in shock, nervous and sweaty
As you listen to my motherfucking verbal machete
Iím chewing you up SOL, and then Iím spitting you out
Iím superior, and I say that with no doubt
I canít wait to hear you reply to this incredible diss
I expect youíll run your shaving razor right down your wrist
ĎCuz you canít cope when an MC shows you up like this
And you know what? Man, it was a piece of piss


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Main Eventer
Main Eventer

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Location : Playboy Mansion
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PostSubject: Re: Responce to MF   Tue May 05, 2009 4:17 pm

This is good. Keep it comin.
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WWE Superstar
WWE Superstar

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Registration date : 2007-11-04
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PostSubject: Re: Responce to MF   Wed May 06, 2009 1:44 pm

Guess Who's Back , He's Back Again
So watch me write miracles with this pen
Wait a minute it isnt a pen its my keyboard
Cal is back again , CGS's ratings just soard
MattitudeFollower Rapping against the S-o-L
And I Thought TNALDF made this site a livin Hell
Now I know i shouldnt start and yes i should resist
But this week was my 18th , im constantly pissed
I dont meen that in anger , i mean im quite drunk
wake up start drinkin go to bed cover my girl in spun....
whoa whoa whoa now slow this here rap down
C-Makavelis back and wiping MF & SoL all over town
They used to run the show but I just bought them out
This Rap Is Raw , Like Alex's Mothers Trout
Now I know a mother joke is old news and wack
But i thought id add a lil comedy to this attack

I havent been here In a while , i signed in 2005
Since then ive broken a leg , been ran over and yet im still alive
Callumomac was the name , way back in the day
Fuck OWW and Contempt , dont forget he is a gay , but hey im not here
to judge , if he wants to eat fudge , he can , he can take it from a man
My flow evolves like the man of mankind
But if you look closer you will be surprised at what you find
So reverse the rhymes I write and see what you can reveal
Im sure if you look close enough it will be a big enough deal
but the bottom line is what Stone Cold said So
And what Stone Cold said so is that SoL is a lil Slow
His Rhymes a wack and he reps NYC
He might try to rap buy he wont beat me
Mattitude backwards spells Edutittam
When he raps , they are crap , nobody gives a damn
But Alexis dont fear for the prodigal son has come back
But for now Bitches , its time to end this attack

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Slim Shady
Slim Shady

Male Number of posts : 2936
Age : 26
Location : The Bronx
Registration date : 2007-08-18
Points : 10000423

PostSubject: Re: Responce to MF   Wed May 06, 2009 7:16 pm

Small Responce but I liked it Razz

One Brit, Two Brit, Same old Shit
I don't give a fuck, you're both SOL, Shit outta Luck
I'm SoL, a motha fucken legend and revrend
please come get the devil out of C-Mak
He think he can swing back
He's gonna have a heart attack when I sing back my rhymes
Or type em, I'm ripe I'm ready I've got my hand steady
You're gonna take on a true NYC Thug
Get ready to catch a slug to your chest
You'll be like the rest laid out on floor staring up at the ceiling
And I'm rapping and everyone's feeling my flow
I don't go slow, I represent the East Coast and will toast
you motha fucka alive, you better off taking a dive
we'll understand if you and Alex choke, I'm just too big
and that was an innuendo and let me borrow some lingo
but bloody hell ya wankers, we Yanks invented the shanks
I'll be point blank when I drank too much I'll crank up the violence
and show no repetence for my actions they're just reactions
what can I say, I'm the best from New York to LA


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PostSubject: Re: Responce to MF   

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Responce to MF
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