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 Smartest thing you've ever said??

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Wrestling Student
Wrestling Student

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PostSubject: Smartest thing you've ever said??   Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:32 pm

Now, people that know me from other forums will think it's an ironic topic from me, as I am known to say stupid things, but what is the smartest thing you've ever said, in your opinion, or someone else's.

Personally I think mine was when I was talking to my friend, who stopped eating after her boyfriend broke up with her.
I showed her some pictures, one of a healthy girl, and one of an anorexic girl, and asked her which was prettier, she said the normal girl, I told her some thingsthat happen with anorexia that I knew would scare her.... then comes what I said that was the smartest thing I could ever say to her. [quote=wcw]Look darlin', starving yourself's not pretty, not neccessary, and it's not worth the pain you will put people through... it's your life so do what you like, but just look at who you're destroying, not [ex boyfriend's name], but your friends and family, the people that actually CARE about you.[/quote]

So what do you guys think the smartest thing you've ever said was.
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DJ Hipp
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WWE Superstar

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PostSubject: Re: Smartest thing you've ever said??   Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:37 pm

probably "lol wut"
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Wrestling Veteran
Wrestling Veteran

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PostSubject: Re: Smartest thing you've ever said??   Sun Jan 04, 2009 8:06 pm

It all reall depends on how you're looking at "smarts". Smartest thing as in it has to do with intelligence, meaning the most intelligent thing you said. Smartest thing you said can also refer to something that you said but, didn't require the use of much intelligence but, ultimatly was a smart thing to say. Their is also the possiblitie that you mean smartest as in the comical way, in which someone made a joke from events that preceded it or nifty play on words or using knowledge of other knowledge related things, say history, and fit it into the sitution etc., thus making the joke considerable an intelligent one which could result in it be the smartest thing you said.

I'll try and answer for all three. For the first one, I don't know I have a lot. I often usually correct my parents or brother whenever the use a word out of context or incorrectly. Also me and my real life best friend has had multiple intelligent conversation and my other friend and I had a few. I really can't decide what I said was the smartest out their but, I've had a few here and there. The Second one, I'll have to go with one I can remember. I'll start by saying up untill December 11th I've always considered myself a loner (I do now but, with different reasons). On December was umm (how to word this) the day of 75. Anyway, I decided to say something to one of my friends about it, which didn't take much intelligence but, in the end was probably one of the smartest thing I'd ever say because without my friend I would have had to keep it all to myself and I'd probably crash worse than I ended up doing (It keep me from RPing for four months) and probably wouldn't have ended up like my life did now. As for the third and finally one, I can't recall much from that one but, I'm sure I got one or two in.
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PostSubject: Re: Smartest thing you've ever said??   

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Smartest thing you've ever said??
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