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 John Alighieri

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Heat Wrestler
Heat Wrestler

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PostSubject: John Alighieri   Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:44 am

Basic Information
Name: John Alighieri
Nickname(s): The Architect of Chaos
Height/Weight: 6'10"/ 290lbs
Hailing From: Zouan-Hounien, Ivory Coast
Wrestling Debut: N/A

Personal Traits
Pic-Base: Monty Brown
Gimmick: War Machine/Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Heel (Face or heel - pick one)
Entrance Theme: Black Skinhead by Kanye West
Background: Attended one o the few private schools in his home country, where education is limited, but his Father's influence being a Government official afforded him the privileges that others did not get, he showed signs of being an Intelligent and well read young man with a bright future. The subjects he excelled in were Athletics and English Literature. The Ivorian conflict saw his bright future halted as his near unmatchable patriotism and loyalty to the Ivorian government lead him to Join the Army of his native country at the tender age of 19. The Summer of 2002 saw him called into action, fighting as one of the government soldiers against the frustrated Rebels and Civilians. The death of his Father by the Rebel alliances stirred an anger untapped before as he continued tirelessly defended the government in numerous heated conflicts. Remained working as a Soldier during the peace after the conflict, but the renewal of the conflict between Government and Rebels, and particularly the take over of his hometown forced he and his Family to leave his Native country and flee to the United States. He adopted the name John Alighieri when he arrived in the United States, his real name is unknown. He worked part time as a Bounty Hunter for law enforcement upon his arrival, but would later show an interest in Pro Wrestling where he received basic training and joined CGS.

Wrestling Styles
Primary Style: Brawler
Secondary Style:

Wrestling Moveset
Common Moves:

-Gorilla Press Slam
-Brain Buster
-Vertical Suplex

Signature Moves:

-Cobra Clutch
-Death Valley Driver

Finishing Move(s)

Paradise Lost (Backdrop Driver)

Other Information
Wrestlers Trained: N/A
Wrestlers Trained By: Unknown
Accomplishments: N/A
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John Alighieri
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