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 Mayhem TV 1.1

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PostSubject: Mayhem TV 1.1   Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:39 pm

Faint by Linkin Park hits and the crowd goes wild in the Hammerstein Ballroom

Michael Cohen
Hello CGS Wrestling fans and welcome back to CGS wrestling, tonight  we are bringing back the show that made household names out of Dash Blade, Steve Storme...

The Bazz
The Bazz! And tonight we have a special match lined up to crown a new CGS Champion.

The Way I Am by Eminem hits and the fans go wild. Dash Blade makes his way to the ring wearing a suit.  He  slides in while holding a microphone.

Dash Blade
Don't get too excited, I have some bad news as I will not be an active wrestler in CGS any longer. However I will be your GM!

The fans start to go wild for Dash Blade.

Dash Blade
And tonight I scheduled a bad ass match where all the contenders will be involved in a cluster fuck of a match, which is a No Disqualification Elimination Falls Count Anywhere Battle Royal for the championship. But up first a couple of dudes that have been e-mailing and calling me non-stop begging for a match on CGS television. So I figure'd fuck it, I'll give them a match against each other.

Dash Blade rolls out of the ring and exits through the crowd as The Way I Am plays again.

Gasolina by Daddy Yankee hits and Esteban Tormenta comes to the ring, followed by I Love College by Asher Roth hits and Swift Razor comes to the ring.

Michael Cohen
Never heard of either of these guys to be honest, and they seem strikingly similar to Steve Storme and Dash Blade.

The Bazz
You're crazy, Esteban and Swift have definitely been around the Indy circuit, I assume.

The bell rings and Esteban pushes Swift to the floor, and Swift lays there motionless. Esteban pins Swift 1...2...3!

The Bazz
Come on, I last longer than that in bed.

Esteban and Swift get up as Gasolina hits again and they shake hands.

Michael Cohen
At least we can get straight to the main event right after this commercial break.

Chris Dolmeth , Danny Boltz, Osiris,  Psycho Dragon, and Rheece Eion Watson, are seen standing in the ring.

Eddie Richards
And now the main event for the CGS World Heavyweight Championship, an elimination no disqualification falls count anywhere match!

The match starts and Osiris immediately steps out of the ring, leaving the other four staring at each other. Osiris sets up a chair from under the ring and sits on the side watching. Danny Boltz runs at Pyscho Dragon and takes him out with clothesline.  Chris Dolmeth goes after Aeon but he ducks out of the ring. Chris Dolmeth then grabs Danny Bolts by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam. Aeon goes to attack Osiris but Osiris gets up and pushes Aeon past him. Osiris picks up the chair and when Aeon turns around Osiris nails him over the head and busts Aeon open. Osiris then walks up the stage ramp and leaves.

Michael Cohen
Osiris may have just cut Aeon's career that much shorter

The Bazz
There's blood everywhere out there Michael!

Chris Dolmeth lifts up Danny Boltz and throws him out of the ring. Danny  lands on top of Aeon and the ref slides out of the ring to count the pin 1...2...3!

The Bazz
Danny just eliminated Aeon!

Michael Cohen
I'm not sure that should count as Danny eliminating Aeon, but all the same, Aeon is out of this match.

Chris Dolmeth and Psycho Dragon lock up in the ring, and hits Pyscho Dragon with his finishing move Trophy Scars. Danny Boltz crawls back into the ring and Chris hits him with another finisher, Darkness, Oh Hell. Chris Dolmeth puts his foot on Psycho Dragon's chest and the ref counts the pin 1...2...3! Then he puts his foot on Danny Boltz's chest and the ref counts 1...2..3 Knife Party by Deftones hits and the Chris Dolmeth is handed the title and celebrates in the ring as Pyscho Dragon and Danny Boltz roll out.


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Mayhem TV 1.1
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