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 A return to the age of Orton

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PostSubject: A return to the age of Orton   Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:48 pm

It took a little while doing, but i knew that it was in the works. We are witnessing a return to the Age of Orton.

I'm a long time fan of Orton. I first noticed him b4 the whole steroid thing got blown out of proportion. After that I noticed a loss of weight and a decline in character. But b4 then. I thought he would lead the WWE into the future. Then the whole Age of Orton gimmick came and I believed it. Until Cena cut it short. But as of late. Orton was on a major roll. More bite than bark. And the more insane he is the more I for one love. I'm a humungous Macho Man Randy Savage Fan (While I'm on that congrats to The Black Machismo for capture the X division title. He deserves it despite being crazy he can actually wrestle) Like i was saying. The only person in the WWE that comes close to filling the jock strap of the very first anti hero of my years (I'm 32) is Randy Orton. I must admit that Stone Cold came close. But by then he was too old to have a long reign. Ya ya he was the attitude era. So what. I loved him too. But he was no Macho Man. Nor was he a Randy Orton.

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PostSubject: Re: A return to the age of Orton   Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:45 pm

I don't care about Orton. They been booking him way too strong, that him winning had no shock whatsoever, and something I'd much rather not have seen happening. I mean, not to sound arrogant, the ideas me, Sykesy, and CJ came up were much better, at least a lot more interesting than something that was bound to happen. I can see their reasons for it, with football or something starting up, but in that case I don't even think Orton would be the best option to bring in ratings.

Not that I have a problem with them booking Orton strong or with the guy himself. The fact that since the Summer Slam build, Orton has looked like a complete monster. He made Sheamus look like a jobber, squashing him every week in their build to Summer Slam, and to a lesser extent, after that. He made Gabriel look a complete jobber, compared to facing the so called "Superman" Cena where Gabriel literally dominated him and lost taking a very rare second rope F-U. I can only recall him doing that two other times. Anyways, the only loss I recall Orton taking was against Barrett, and that was after eliminating two members of Nexus in less than a minute.
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A return to the age of Orton
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