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 Futurama's 100th Episode Review

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PostSubject: Futurama's 100th Episode Review   Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:45 pm

Earlier today, I watched the one hundredth episode celebration of Futurama, and it sucked! There are a lot of big expectations when it comes to episodes like these, like the 900th episode of Raw. Now, many of you won't remember my over one thousand and eight hundred word rant on how much of an atrocity that show was. Of course, Futurama was much better than that piece of shit, but it still was an enormous disappointment. I am here to procrastinate on working on my RP and, more importantly, tell you all why it was an awful episode. Fair warning, spoilers are within this review.

Before I begin, I feel the need to point out that this isn't even technically the one hundredth episode. Why? Well, they are counting the four movies as four separate episodes, which is sixteen additional episodes to the show's episode amount. Some fans of Futurama don't even count the movies as four episodes, since well, they are movies. Personally, I don't care enough about the debate whether or not we should consider this as the literal one hundredth episode because it doesn't matter as this episode was still bad even without the expectations of being the first triple digit episode.

The episode starts off with the Professor stating they are making their one hundredth delivery. I realize this is an inside reference about them reaching this monumental episode but I couldn't help but be bothered by it. My first thoughts were, "What the fuck!?". I mean, not only has it been like ten years with the crew of Leela, Fry, and Bender (as it's obvious they count the time in between cancellation and the resurrection) but as indicated in the episodes such as "The Sting" and "Space Pilot 3000" their were previous crews. I can't recall how many previous crews because I don't remember the exact dialogue, but Planet Express had more, and I'm assuming the Professor meant the entire history of the company. Albeit, he could mean just the current and only crew we've ever but I seriously doubt that and I understand it's not the greatest delivery company, but that's still extremely sad.

Next, was that it just generally wasn't funny. I'll keep coming back to this, but it starts about here. The Planet Express have to deliver a sufla (however it's spelled) to some old stuck up bitch that for the entire episode doesn't make me laugh at any single instance because she is nothing more than a bore. And a bitch. Anyways, Bender holds it for a reason I don't remember but it is valid, anyway the planet is small and there is that old broken bridge cliché to the mansion. Now, Bender needs a running start, so he runs backwards around the entire planet and including the bridge, then he proceeds to run across the bridge and around the entire planet, ending by jumping over the bridge, to land promptly in front of the mansion. I hope I explained that correctly, if you thought if was funny, then I didn't explain it correctly because it was one of the most dumbest jokes I've ever seen Futurama do. In the premiere "Rebirth", Leela just screams for an entire minute, that's the only completely horrendous and tedious jokes that is worse than this one. That I can think of.

Next, they're invited to some fancy thing, about a mutant university. Now, despite being able to easily keep the secret of Leela being a mutant for at least five years, Fry stupidly tells everyone that she is a mutant and she is immediately taking down to the sewer lands. I'm assuming you realize that mutants are banished from civilization above land, if you're reading this. While this was amusing, I can't help but be pissed off by the fact that they are listening to an idiot without even looking into the situation. Yes, Fry is with Leela, but that alone can't give the police enough evidence to actually identify Leela as a mutant and instantly banish her from civilization. I understand this is really over analyzing a tv show, but this is the same show that put in Nibbler's shadow in the pilot episode, so a couple of seasons, I think three, later they can reveal the Nibbler is the one who sent Fry to the future. They put that much effort into this show, so when it comes to this show, I expect more!

Fry is feeling guilty, and has an actually amusing interaction with Hermes. Honestly, it's probably the best part of the show. After that, the whole gang minus Bender because he doesn't give a shit about Leela, go to the mayor and directly state that they all knew that Leela was a mutant, and they were harboring her. Which of course, get's them banished for two weeks under the sewers. Now, why didn't Fry get thrown in there for announcing that Leela was a mutant? I know I didn't mention it, but when he revealed it, he was defending her, so if they were going to throw Leela down, it would've made sense just to throw Fry in then, because they did have viable evidence but no! Apparently, in this episode, you have to directly state something in order for them to actually care, because if you just heavily imply something, nobody is going to give a shit! Once again, I know this is really bitching, but I bring back previous efforts and it lacks sufficient humour in order to make this passable. With maybe the exception of Zoidberg, I don't think I laughed for the next several minutes, it's that's bad.

Now, once they are on ground, Fry talks to Leela, who completely snaps on him because he doesn't know what it's like to be a mutant. This is the dumbest damn thing in this episode. Why? Well, LEELA DOESN'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A FUCKING MUTANT! For the majority of her life, she had no idea she even was a mutant, and even once she learned she was, she never had to deal with the amount of rejection that EVERY OTHER FUCKING MUTANT had to. At this point, she was probably banished for exactly one day, so I don't think that gives her the right to start turning into a complete and utter bitch to Fry, and try to make him turn himself into the mutant! Yes, Leela has every reason to hate Fry at this point, but the reasons she's giving are just ridiculous. It really pisses me off because Leela is suppose to be the common sense and yet that is completely absent here!

My second biggest problem involves one of the best jokes, and one of the only ones that are actually funny. In a certain setting, Fry tells the gang that "I don't know if you guys know that I have a crush on Leela" (around those lines) and Professor slaps him with a skeleton hand. That was really funny but it had two big problems, the setting (I'll get to that) and it shows the recent poor handling of their relationship (or that Fry is a bigger moron than Peter Griffin). Earlier this season, Fry and Leela were dating! And then it was heavily implied, that they were STILL dating! Then it was heavily implied that they WEREN'T dating. Then it was implied that they WERE dating! And so on and so on, but maybe this episode sheds light on it. Because I don't recall them every clarifying whether or not they are dating, and if it's NOT FUCKING STATED (going back a paragraph or so, in case you're... well, stupid), it's apparently, not true! Holy shit I didn't expect to be this pissed off! I love Futurama, it's one of my all time favorite shows, What The FUCK!? The one thing they haven't been doing correctly since it's return is the relationship between Fry and Leela, they messed up one of the most pivotal things into the success of Futurama. I have loved this season, so don't get me wrong, but this is just plain ridiculous! I'm getting off-topic.

Next, the setting had to do with the Titanic. It was a Titanic parody, why does that sound familiar? Oh, that's right, Futurama has already done a Titanic parody! It was amazing the first time, it was funny, very emotionally touching, and just a great episode. The parody was implemented so perfectly that it really made that episode stand out. This episode, it came off, repetitive, forced, unemotional, bland, and just a bad concept. The entire time with this just made me cringe, none of it was good, especially when you compare it to "A Flight To Remember". This idea just sucked... end discussion.

This is taking me way too long, anyways Fry decides that Leela was right, which she was even though she couldn't possibly understand what it means to be a mutant either, and jumps into the lake to get muntantized. He looks disgusting, but I'll get to that. Anyways, the rest of the episode from this point is just complete in utter boring. Their are barely any jokes that don't fall flat, and the story is ... well it just bores me. I can explain why, but it doesn't matter, it does. By the way, Bender is barely in this one, he has his own stupid little side story, where he is celebrating one hundred delivers then misses his friends and stops partying. It's not interesting, the best part is looking to see who has been there before. Roberto stuck out for me.

At the end, the mutants are now able to go to the top, and it turns out Fry was just inside the mouth of a mutant ... what the FUCK!? How in the hell did Fry gain complete control, until Leela's kiss, of a mutant by basically being EATEN by IT! Does that make any sense!? If you can explain to me, how that makes any sense, you are a god because it's just fucking dumb! Also, we meet Leela's grandma, they do the whole shock reveal when you can just look at her and instantly tell that it was Leela's grandma.

That was the one hundredth episode of Futurama. Did it suck? Hell yes it sucked! Was it funny? Hell no it wasn't funny! It had funny moments, but overall, no it was funny. It was a disappointment, a big one. It sucked, that's it. Nothing else to really add. I didn't like it, I liked the Family Guy one hundredth episode better "Stewie Kills Lois" and Futurama is superior to Family Guy and just about every single way imaginable. That ends this review, see you next time!
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PostSubject: Re: Futurama's 100th Episode Review   Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:13 am

The "Stewie Kills Lois" episode is a classic to me and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who liked it.

I guess I enjoy Futurama more when an episode is centered around Bender, just like I prefer watching a Stewie & Brian episode of Family Guy, because they're hysterical. I also like the Fry & Bender chemistry but it's definitely not on the same level than Stewie & Brian.

I haven't watched it yet but based on your review, I'm not gonna like it so I won't go at any lengths to see it. If I do, good; if not, I can live with that.

Speaking of Family Guy, the 1-hour season premiere on September 26 hypes that somebody's gonna die during the episode. If it's Mayor West, I riot!
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Futurama's 100th Episode Review
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