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 11 Pro Starcraft Players Charged for Fixing Games

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PostSubject: 11 Pro Starcraft Players Charged for Fixing Games   Mon May 17, 2010 6:49 pm

Quote :
The StarCraft match-fixing scandal that rocked the Korean e-sports community has culminated in 16 people being charged with rigging games and placing illegal bets.
Competitive StarCraft site Team Liquid brings us the latest on the legal proceedings, including a list of 11 pro gamers, three brokers, and two others implicated in the scandal. South Korean law usually protects the identities of anyone with ongoing legal troubles, but thanks to some clever detective work by the StarCraft community, many of the accused cheaters have been outed.

Based on the surnames, ages, and other info revealed by South Korean authorities, fans have deduced that the following pro gamers were more than likely involved in the scandal: Won Jong Seo (aka Justin), Jin Yung Soo (aka Hwasin), Kim Sung Ki (aka DarkElf), Park Chan Soo (aka Luxury), Park Myung Soo (aka Yarnc), Ma Jae Yoon (aka sAviOr), and Moon Sung Jin (aka type-b).

One of the accused players, Moon Sung Jin, issued the following statement on his Cyworld (a popular Korean social network):
Quote :
"I am sorry. Due to a hasty mistake, I have disappointed many people. I have nothing to say on this matter, and I do not have any intention of being forgiven. I will be entering military service on the 31st of May, and it seems like I am running away from the truth. I can only say that I will do my best to reflect on my actions and to be discharged as a better, more rationale person. I am truly sorry once again."
Korean law enforcers say the three brokers -- one Mr. Park, Mr. Jung, and Mr. Kim -- offered players between two- and six-and-a-half-million won (just under $2,000 and $6,000, respectively) to purposely lose StarCraft matches. They allegedly used Mr. Ma's (possibly sAviOr) connections with other pro gamers to facilitate the bribes.

After being paid off by that initial gambling ring, Mr. Won (allegedly Justin) and Mr. Park (either Yarnc or Luxury) supposedly went on to pool their funds and bribe six other pro-level StarCraft players a total of eight times.

Only in Korea do you have this type of shit going down...
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11 Pro Starcraft Players Charged for Fixing Games
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