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 Facts about yourself

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PostSubject: Facts about yourself   Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:33 am

we all have particular habits and curiosities about ourselves, some very weird, and we all have wishes, so yeah, tell us more about yourselves.

1) I freak out if i dont listen to music for more than half an hour Razz i either start fingerdrumming, start watching TV in hope a good music is on or, if it's in school during classes, i try to set my writing to a certain rhythm (yeah, i know the writing thing is scary Razz i've been told so)

2) First thing i do in the morning is to get out of bed and turn my laptop on, even if i'm not going to use it rightaway .. just in case

3) I sneeze if there's too much clarity

4) I've never tried smoking (ciggies or joints or whatever)

5) All 3 girls i've loved so far have the same first name o.O

6) I discovered my name has 23 letters after I watched the movie "The Number 23"

7) I'm scared of spiders (not the tiiiny ones though, just the medium and large ones), so whenever i see a little spider i kill it, so it doesn't grow up and scare me

8 ) Not afraid of death but how i'll die

9) My religion is to believe in myself

10) My biggest wish is to move and happily live in Vancouver, Canada

11) I love writing poetry but dont ask me question about History of poetry or technical poetry questions because i don't know a thing .. i just go by heart

12) I've used glasses since i was 6 and braces since i was 10 ... will probably put contacts this month and might get rid of the braces in my next going to the dentist

13) I've never broke anything and the only thing i've got operated to, was to remove my tonsils

14) My fave animals are monkeys

15) I believe in UFOs and aliens

16) I don't like pictures of girls in black & white

17) I'm 5'5, dont know my weight and dont feel like checking out

18) Brown eyes, brown hair

19) I hate French and Italian (languages) and I don't like Portugal

20) I love hugs

21) I only shave on Sundays, so it lasts all week (unless something important is going to happen, of course)

22) My cat weighs around 14lbs

23) My fave instruments are piano and violin (no, i dont know how to play them), although my fave music genres are Metal and Pop Punk

24) Cute > Hot ; Butt > Tits

25) I always have one cup of milk, with sugar, for breakfast

26) I ALWAYS burp after drinking my cup of milk, due to the sugar (..and it's quite a loud burp if you must know ... i may record it sometime Razz)

27) I get hiccups while drinking something cold

28) Flies are the only animal i hurt and not kill for pleasure

29) Favorite color is dark green

30) Area 51 is one of the places i'd love to visit (if it was possible..)

31) Dark blue messes up with my eyes

i think that's enough of me for now Razz
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FnF Up!

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PostSubject: Re: Facts about yourself   Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:45 pm

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Facts about yourself
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